This award is given in recognition of the person who has most contributed toward the goals and objectives of Los Angeles Council. It is given to a person not just for one year of service, but in recognition of several years of service.

2014-2015 Norbert Knapp
2013-2014 Dave Felker
2012-2013 Gene Fulkerson
2011-2012 Judith Miller
2010-2011 Jane Wyckoff
2009-2010 John James
2008-2009 Karen James
2007-2008 Catherine Ohl
2006-2007 Gordon Cardona
2005-2006 Bonnie West
2004-2005 Ray Craig
2003-2004 Fay Mumbauer

Faye Mumsbauer Award

About the LA Council

LA Council is one of twelve councils within FWSA, as well as a charter member of the National Ski Council Federation. we also put on an annual ski week, adventure trips and amateur racing. See you on the slopes!


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